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The Asset Hotel (Yashe Jiudian) is conveniently located at the heart of Xuhui District,  Shanghai's stylish Former French Concession. With a busy business district just a few steps away,  guests can take advantage of proximity to business addresses to enjoy more free time. With affordable rates and a wonderful location,  the Asset makes for a compelling choice.
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    Breakfast was good, but the hotel in bad sound effects.
  • m00652492
    Fair prices, and cash back, travel tourism, worth taking.
  • paul178
    Often live, the environment here is good, very quiet, the only drawback is that Wifi is too poor, off and on, and speeds slow. traffic is very convenient, from the Xujiahui is more than 10 minutes, bus lot. from Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Stadium was nearly 4, Line 7 line is very close and convenient to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • lydia6099
    Location in Shanghai near the stadium neighborhood, quiet, opposite the Lianhua Supermarket there are many convenience store. is Line 10 subway walked out in less than ten minutes, where is very convenient.
  • moliyang
    Also this month, travelers stayed at this hotel we had. Friendly special no non-, I got conveniently used freely.
  • m00898823
    Have lived this, nice
  • anniewang03
    Very good. is recommended although Tang, not very hard to find, but travel is still very convenient. From the Xujiahui and close, the price is cheap, value for money is very good
  • gavin_song2011
    Feeling better than before ... ...
  • e00138060
    At the community level, quiet, near Metro station, but the General sanitary conditions, aging facilities.
  • e00846066
    Here all the time, and naozhongqujing very good hotel! travel very well!
  • enenfer
  • joycelili
    Air conditioning noise is great, room 229 are particularly important
  • emmayls
    Out has Line 4 line had a article Street into community is, fine find of. internal decoration also is is good of, is warm, service also is good. is shower didn't so satisfaction's, may is we location problem, morning has is construction of voice, but didn't put wife wake on good. breakfast also is good. in this lots, price really of is pretty high has. is satisfaction!
  • cls6570
    Decoration for a long time, lived in the first floor, room walls a little musty, a bit heavy, breakfast is not good. Pros: convenient, quiet in the community, staff attitude was good
  • Aaron20010
    A very good environment, located within a community, quiet, and the decoration of the hotel made good, the room is also available in English and Japanese language guide books, bar da ~~
  • d02489520
    Very good price but unimaginably good. next there are many foreign trade shops, you can find many cheap things. and recommend to everyone.
  • lucy pig tail
    On the second floor of the corner of the room, a voice all night, turn to the waiter, spoken to see nothing. This is the stay at this hotel the worst of time, I hope I will ever live in the corner.
  • e00154929
    Breakfast is too simple, others can also, quiet and near the center of
  • e01333989
    Nice, convenient, is the ideal choice for the whole, value for money was good ... Nice, convenient, is the ideal choice for the whole, value for money was good ... Nice, convenient, is the ideal choice for the whole, value for money was good.
  • sabatini
    Convenient great room is slightly smaller
  • gaoxuang
    Stayed in the hotel for the first time, feeling very warm, and very clean, breakfast was good, hotel also has books, drink coffee in the book when it is idle, read a book, a very leisurely pace. the environment is good, next choose the store.
  • judy4698
    Room 201, air conditioning just like pig, I couldn't fall asleep at night, her husband that didn't fall asleep one night acne take several, but fell asleep son didn't want to move to wake him early room
  • angonggong
    Which is very nice
  • billcool
    Room comfortable and clean, the service can handle, is a cosy hotel, great breakfast dishes can be more, better ... will stay again.
  • cc_40
    Bed was too bad going off, the facility is too old
  • evancat
    A bit noisy
  • guojy
    Same same!
  • crclogic
  • leftstone
    That's good
  • sbldy
    Ticket purchase mistake due to consecutive nights, hotel. Go to Pudong in the first, noticed the mistake, we arrived in the morning. There was a timely, clean finished room, as check-in. Reception and helpful, because it has become a familiar face and people are kind to me. Will the next September will take care.
  • islone
    Location is hard to find, the surrounding environment is quiet, not noisy, traffic is very convenient, hotel facilities, staff was very helpful, patient, and not bad as a whole, occupancy times.
  • asmc279
    Room small, but this is no way to Shanghai General can also
  • lango_sir
    Each time you come to Shanghai are cottage, overall I feel very good, location was good, quiet, very quiet. just a few minutes ' walk from Metro station. free breakfast variety but the quality is not bad. overall performance is good, parents are also satisfactory.
  • bobo2008nn
    For 3 stars Hotel, the location is good. Room is clean.
  • u50658
    Like the cottage breakfast
  • Alicemi
    Quiet, and around convenience, speed in General.
  • gina298
    First choice for Shanghai, traffic convenient, from the Xujiahui business district near.
  • xinyue_ge
    Ever lived in the worst hotel! room placed under only one small bed, Middle sound kitchen cooking can not sleep in the next room, attendant poor quality, in short, silent!
  • austar109
    Continued to live the next day, the room is bigger than single room, big bed, television has changed quite a bit, but it was still not clear ... Room surface is clean, but towel smell and stain ... It is a pity ... but overall I really liked this hotel. decoration was a little old for a long time, hoping for improvement. Hotel full every day is not easy!
  • Funme
    Overall is good, is the surrounding environment almost. downtown to live. recommended
  • lm_12
    Find locations, often no longer post security, parking unattended, parked the car and asked out loud again, quarrel, cannot accept
  • BEI127
    Pretty good.
  • my952
    Decoration is old, but its price and lots of it!
  • cami0230
    Giant rotten garbage, a special room just for
  • giggs881031
    Hotel location is close to Xujiahui ~ though a bit hard to find, but very quiet hotel, very clean! how many times Germany teacher in Shanghai, has arranged the cottage and left us with a very good impression. front desk will simple English.
  • Dar-Lin
    For 3 stars Hotel, Room is clean. Location s good
  • denis33
    Xujiahui location this is value for money, near Metro station is just 5 minutes away, car parking, but too little!
  • abigeal
    Overall good, breakfast OK, health can be.
  • csy77777
    Good location, quiet, large quantity of hot water. inadequate facilities, windowless room was stuffy. overall; higher cost, is also recommended.
  • mengnalisa007
    Overall feels good, environment, services, breakfast was good